[TenTec] FS or FT: Argo 556/NB/Mic ALL Band Modules

Marty Watt mdwatt@usit.net
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 12:32:34 GMT

I have an Argo 556 HF tranceiver, *all* band modules (160-10m),
noise blanker installed, TenTec hand mic included.  Like new

Asking $650 shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Would trade for Argo II if any are out there!  Or will trade toward
other compact HF rig with QRP capability on ham bands, must have
general coverage receive (AM/SSB/CW/Digital) and be capable of
operating on MARS frequencies.

Is the Delta II/Argo II still in production?  What would trade-in
terms look like?

72 es 73 de 
Marty, KM7W
Jackson, Tennessee                        e-mail:  mdwatt@usit.net
                                         "The Curmudgeon's Corner"
NorCal #2031 - ARCI #7514 - QRP-L #953 - AK/QRP #098 - Grid EM55oq

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