[TenTec] Why not rig in the middle

Chris Robson crobson@erie.net
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 12:03:18 -0400

At 03:50 PM 6/22/97 +0800, you wrote:
>Certainly your note points out the facts of "the economics of ham radio".
>Some could also argue that the point of our posts was merely fun and not a
>call to action for tentec to begin production of the gear.  As a tentec
>fan, and a cw op, I already know that I am in the minority as far as ham
>gear preference is concerned.  I'm just greatful that TenTec is in so many
>other businesses that they can afford to "dabble" in ham radio and make
>non-sexy rigs for users of a non-sexy mode (CW)!

Right on Art!

	I am the person who instigateed this post, more for fun and to bring some
"FREE" idea bouncing from the ops that know what they want to the Guys at
Ten Tec.  However, I can see some very narrow thought patterns by some
individuals, Thank GOD that Henry Ford didn't continue to always consider
status que, or else Ford Motor Company would not exist today.  Being a
business owner in the Plastics industry, Ten Tec could easily make a very
eronomic pleasing box with no substance (Kenwood, Icom, & Yaesus use stereo
component purchasers mentality when they design pretty boxes).  For the
most part 75% of the new hams wouldn't know what a good receiver sounds
like as long as noise comes out of the box and it matches their Kenwood
stereo. Quite honestly, putting rounded corners on plastic molded parts
isn't hard at all, that is what sells in today's superfisal market.  I am
happy that Ten Tec takes the higher ground with the products they sell AND
service.  However maybe there needs to be a more aggressive marketing in
the area of Ten Tec gear, I certainly do my part in "selling" Ten Tec (my
hat, shirt, & coffee cup will be prominent at Field Day as will my Tec Tec
Rigs...all 3 of them!).  I still vote for a Ten Tec Saturn...I can dream
can't I???

73, Chris KB3A

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