[TenTec] how to temperature-compensate the PTO on OmniB/Cs

Allan G. Taylor ataylor@midas.llnl.gov
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 10:35:53 -0700 (PDT)

The subject of Omni B/C temperature stability has been mentioned here before.
In particular, my OmniD (B series) moves about 450 Hz over about 75 minutes from
a cold start in a cold house (55 deg) and then is essentially dead stable. My
current rig Omni (C) also moves around on a cold start altho I haven't yet
checked the rate of migration.

Is there some experience out there on either temperature-compensation or even
some sort of oven (as in the OmniVI) to ameliorate the situation? Perhaps one
could put a resistor at just the right spot in the rig and feed it power that
is equivalent of the standard heat load in the rig, turning it off when it is
desired to operate. Are there any known or hypothetical solutions besides just
turning the rig on 1-1.5 hours before one wants to operate?

I assume that corresponding fixes for the Corsair series would also work for 
the early Omnis.

Grant  Taylor   K7GT       email:  k7gt@qsl.net

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