[TenTec] low priced Ten-Tec

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 10:00:21 -0700

>> friend Joe, get rid of the darn band modules.  I would have bought the Scout
>> long ago if it weren't for those band modules.

> Second the motion.  About a year ago, I was debating between buying a 
> Scout and a QRP+ and I bought the QRP+ because I felt the band modules
> being constantly changed, especially during a contest, was not only an

I understand the concern here, but I really wonder why we would use
a Scout for a contest?  I believe the Scout was never designed for
a contest, but for mobiling and portable use where you might have 
one antenna up and want to make quick efficient contacts.  If you
want contests and quick, convenient operation, of course you want
the QRP plus!  That is the result of the different designs.  I don't
see it as an insult to the Ten Tec Scout that it does not satisfy
everyone, it is definitely a niche rig (and selling quite well on
that account.)  It is not for everyone.

> inconvenience, but also would eventually result in poor/sloppy contact.
> Anyone who has owned and used a Scout extensively find this to be true?

I have had no trouble in this regard, but I am the sort who is careful
and dabs the contacts in contact cleaner/lubricant periodically to
keep things running smoothly.  The Scout is not invulnerable to wear,
it happens.  Not the best rig, not the worst, and it has its little
flaws, it is not built to meet high specs :-) .


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