[TenTec] Back again - FS Omni VI

Richard W. Hemingway n5xrd@juno.com
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 22:16:49 CST


Back again.  Last time I posted it I received no responses until after I
took it off.  I then had some that said they had just seen the post.  Ok,
sorry about that - have been gone for a while.  I will leave it up longer
this time.

For Sale

Omni Vi - always in bedroom shack, virtually unmarked, non-smoker. 
Hardly used in the last 2 years since my heart attack.  We are planning
on moving to a much smaller place and I am downsizing all my stuff.  The
radio is in great shape and I have had no problems with it. 

Omni VI transceiver # 563, with the following filters:

#282 250 Hz 6 pole ladder filter 6-3MHz
#285 500 Hz "   "        "           "              "
#288 1.8 KHz  8 "       "           "              "
#216  500 Hz   6 pole FSK filter, 9MHz

With #961 power supply and speaker.
Original shipping boxes, and manuals.

Cost new $ 2,976 with $68 shipping.

Selling for $ 2000 firm, you pay shipping.

You can upgrade It as follows:

(a) Option one $ 75 adds DSP noise reduction etc, with stickers.
(b) Option two $ 125 same as one, but adds buttons instead of stickers.

These two options can be done anytime.

The following option is done by the factory and have to call to be put on
the waiting list - for a limited time only:

(c) Option three $ 275 - complete factory upgrade to OMNI-VI PLUS, with
replacement of two circuit boards and wiring harness to provide new
NARROW filter position in the 9MHz I-F.

A new Onmi VI Plus with the filters listed above and power supply is $
3,285, approx. Buy mine and have the same thing for $ 2275 ( if factory
is still doing the full option 3- I haven't called lately)  or $ 2075 ($
2125) with options one or two.

If interested please e-mail me privately at:   n5xrd@juno.com

I will be out of pocket the middle of next (11-14 or so) week.

73 de N5XRD,

Dick Hemingway
Norman, Oklahoma.

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