[TenTec] Ten Tec in Australia. (For Scott Robbins.)

Catholic Education Office cathedu@ruralnet.net.au
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 12:27:24 +1100

Scott, thanks for waxing lyrical about some of the past history of Ten Tec
and it's founders.... I found it fascinating.... I would love to hear more
about the origins if you could spare the time...

Also a few marketing questions Scott?

Here in Australia many of us are Ten Tec enthusiasts.....and it is fair to
say CW enthusuasts.... how ever the main problem is one of price,
availability and service back up....if we buy from your distributor here in VK.

As an example a Scout costs about $1200 with one module.
Big dollars to reconcile.. if one stacks this up against the competition...
While I realise there are market forces, exchange rates, government tariffs
and duties etc at work here,it is a shame that the fine equipment you
produce is not easier to access.

Many VK's bypass the local system and deal directly with Seviervile, or via
US hams.... it does nothing to help the local industry....but then there is
an enormous cost savings involved... and no doubt many other hams from other
countries do like wise.....

I wonder...... when  your marketing and sales department negotiates their
next contract or deal with overseas distributors if they could consider some
of the above.

Here in Australia we have about 19,000 hams. Not a large number, when
compared to the US figures I know.... But surely there must be an opening
here for Ten Tec above and beyond what already exists? If lobbying needs to
be done at a local political level, let me know, as there are many hams here
interested in purchasing Ten Tec if the equipment price was competitive, and
would be happy to address the issues affecting our importation of the equipment.

A few of the local hams who discussed this reflector item with me, thought
that it would have been more appropriate to forward directly to
yourself..but then I thought that it is important, in this era of the
"global village" that others know of our plight.

Thanking you in advance.... and always enjoy your contributions...

Maurie. VK3CWB.

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