[TenTec] Omni VI Problem

Chester Alderman chestert@pressroom.com
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 06:56:42 -0500

Gordon and George,

	I'm not a TenTec expert, just a user. However in the six years I've had my
Omni 6 (now upgraded to Plus), I have not experience any problems with it.
Like in NO problems. This radio has thousands of hours of use on my desk
and during DX contest at W3LPL. In my case, I certainly could not ask for
better performance from a radio, not only it's performance but in it's
quality also.

	While not being an expert in either case, I would suggest Gordon just try
resetting the microprocessor to see if that would clear up the problems
(even though the indications are the EPROM.

	For George, I certainly would remove the top and bottom cover and check
all connections, but the plugs and ALL of the coax connectors to make sure
nothing was jarred loose during shipment. George's indications are that
there is a loose connection, a board not being properly screwed down to
it's ground supports, or maybe even an IC loose in it's socket. If you can
change the operation of the Omni by pressing ANYTHING, something is loose
or you have a poor ground path somewhere. If a visual inspection doesn't
find the cure, I would give serious thoughts to rejecting the unit and
asking for a new one.

	For historical information, it would be great to hear what you both find
to be the problem.

At 10:56 PM 11/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello Folks,
>	I haven't even opened my 6 up yet to look for this problem, I thought I'd
>see if anyone has seen it before. I recently noticed that after changing
>bands the RX would seem to lose sensitivity. At first I thought I had coax,
>antenna switch or some other problem. But, I finally realized it is
>connected to touching (pressing on) the front panel.
>	When the RX "quiets" I can get it "fixed" by pressing buttons in the
>keypad area, by messing with the bail under the unit or pressing the top of
>the front panel. 
>	Any ideas of what might be getting shorted, pinched or otherwise mucked up?
>									Regards,
>									George (KQ4QM)
>BTW This is a 3 month old VI plus. I really hate the thought of having to
>send the unit in for repair already!
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Chester Alderman
Tom - W4BQF

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