[TenTec] OMNI V Problem

Karen Whall/Terry Burkholder np3g@navybase.net
Sat, 22 Nov 97 07:13:45 EST5EDT

I need help with a problem with my OMNI V.  I have a static like noise,
which is 40 db over on 160, S-9+ on 20, with the antenna disconnected.
Turning on the noise blanker eliminates the noise.  I have tried another 12
VDC supply with no difference. The noise is there on all modes, all bands
but loudest on 1.8 mhz.
It is definately a noise generated within the radio itself because with all
cables, except power, disconnected and the antenna connector grounded to the
chassis the noise is still there. I have two other radios on the same table
and they do not have the same noise.

Any ideas?

Please reply direct to np3g@navybase.net

Thanks for the help,
Terry NP3G

Terry A. Burkholder  NP3G  FOC 1397  Karen E. Whall   NP3F  FOC 1671 

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