[TenTec] TT Qrp Kits

Paul Helbert phelbert@rica.net
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 21:52:14 -0500

Ed wrote:

> Has anyone built one of these qrp rigs ?? If so can we have some pro's
> and con's.
> Not so much on the construction, but the actual use and how well they
> perform.
> Thanks...Ed N4PK

Hi Ed and gangue,

I built the 40 meter Ten Tec kit.  It is the most solid performing qrp
rig that I own.  (Others HW-8, 38 Special, a myriad of home-brews, and
an Emtech 8020 (not finished).

It sounds good on transmit and receive.  Audio from the built-in speaker
is excellent, as is that from 8 ohm stereo phones.  The tuning is smooth
and repeatable.  The rit works without problem.  Filtering is without
ringing.  Break-in is perfect as is side tone.  There is no thumping, no
microphonics, no drift, no problem.  Volume control works better than it
does on my Omni VI.

I have about 70 kHz of the bottom of the 40 meter band.  The filter is
tight enough for me.  I have not been annoyed with anything on this
rig.  It worked from the get go and still does.

Hope this helps.

Happy Holidays!

Paul, Wv3j

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