[TenTec] T-Kit Receiver #1254

Del Seay seay@Alaska.NET
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 07:32:35 -0900

After playing with the little 1254 this weekend, I thought I'd come in to
work early and throw the test equipment on it and see what it looked like.
I had only done the non-test equip alignment when I built it and it seemed 

I haven't put a scope on the output to measure s+n/n, just put the
on the front end and did a quick check. I'm impressed!

First, there is very little difference in sensitivity from 5 mHz to 30 mHz.
I can actually hear the note at .1 uv at 30 megs in the ssb/cw position.
AM, with 100% modulation is detectable at about .4 uv.

There is noticable garbage from the display mulitplexing. I may try to do
shieling of that area to see if it can be minimized. However, with a good
antenna, the garbage is masked by noise and signals, so it is not a big

Ten-Tec has done another fine design job. For those who wants to snoop
around the hf, without spending a small fortune, this is a fun and
de KL7HF

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