[TenTec] QRV

Dave Heil k8mn@clinet.fi
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 15:55:45 -0800

Al Scanandoah wrote:

> This isn't likely to do any harm to the radio, but it'll sure do a number
> on your electric bill.  I believe a typical linear 20A DC supply consumes
> around 400w just while sitting idle.  I frequently leave my 1A Argonaut
> supply on for months at a time, though...
> Al - wa2vez

Do a little basic math--your 20A supply can't even do that under
transmit conditions.  With the receiver on, more like a half amp or so.

The only reason to get an antenna off the thing is that the PIN diodes
can be zapped by static like mine were while in Botswana.  Additionally,
the S-meter will certainly get a workout, heh.

Dave Heil OH2/K8MN

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