[TenTec] Buying a TT OMNI VI+

David Wright dwright@microagesf.com
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 15:22:12 -0800

Cuz it's the best damm rig sold on the planet....

KB6JOX - Dave

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>Subject:	[TenTec] Buying a TT OMNI VI+
>I guess I want some email....
>But, here is my questions.  I am new to this reflector because I want to
>find out more about the OMNI-VI+.  I've been asking around on other
>reflectors about this rig.  I am not overjoyed by the current crop of
>Japanese rigs with their fancy DSP only stuff...or over price gizmos and
>gadgets.  So, I am looking at the Omni-VI+
>So, anyone out there want to tell me why I should sell the 850 and buy one?
>Lee Buller
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