[TenTec] How to -PROPERLY- connect Corsair II to Centurion for full break-in

Web Williams kr4wm@bigfoot.com
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 06:39:09 -0500

Duane A. Calvin wrote:
> Hi Web,
>         Interestingly, the Centaur amps' manual allows you to drive your
> rig's keying through the amp.  Of course, if you use a keyer, it would
> have to be external to your rig.  But, in this case, the amp does QSK and
> keys the rig (in QSK).  It works really well as I used to key my IC-765
> this way until I got smart and got an Omni-VI+.  Maybe that is possible
> with the Centurion.  (which I'm looking to move up to soon).
>         73,  Duane

Hi Duane! Yep, if I had an external keyer, I _could_ use the amp 
QSK- however, my Corsair II has a built-in keyer, and keying 
through the amp would render it useless! That's where the problem 
lies :-( . Perhaps Ten Tec could come up with a keyer circuit 
that could be retrofitted to my Centurion amp? Then I could use 
the QSK circuit to key the Corsair via the "straight-key" method...

Random thoughts, 73, -Web

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