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Fri, 06 Mar 1998 15:24:04 -0500

At 06:21 PM 3/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>There is no diagram in the Centurion owners manual as to how to connect 
>it to a Corsair II, only for the Paragon and Omni series radios. Is 
>there a "correct" way to make the connections? I phoned Ten Tec, and 
>their recommendation was to hook it up as "other than Ten Tec". Of 
>course, you lose the full-break-in when you do this. Any thoughts?
>73, -Web Williams in Myrtle Beach, SC

There are multiple answers to this, Web, and I must apologize that you
didn't get the complete answer from us in the first place. 

The early Corsair II radios did not incorporate the full break-in keying
loop that we use as standard equipment in the Paragon I/II, and Omni-V/VI/
VI-Plus transceivers.  Later models of the Corsair II did include the
break-in keying loop.  I assume you've got an earlier Corsair II and here
are your options:

1) Hook it up as you described, keying the Centurion from the T/R jack
on the back of the Corsair II, and run the amp/rig combination
in semi-break-in (PTT) mode.

2) Modify the radio (we'll tell you how to do it, or we can do it in the
service department) to add the full break-in keying loop.

3) Use an external keyer to key the amp's KEY input, and have the keying
loop output in the amp connected to the KEY jack on the Corsair II.  This 
will give you good QSK action but not quite as good as using the full 
break-in loop.

4) If, in fact, you do have the later Corsair II with the break-in loop,
connect rig and amp as shown for the Ten-Tec transceivers in the 
Centurion manual.  Run the amp in QSK mode. 

Scott E. Robbins, W4PA
Amateur Radio Product Manager, Ten-Tec 

p.s. We did a number of web site updates in the last several days to 
www.tentec.com and will continue to do so for a couple more days.

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