[TenTec] Recommendation?

j.w. thornton dub@oklahoma.net
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 09:02:17 -0600

At 11:37 PM 3/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 12:48 PM 3/7/98 -0600, Gary Harmon wrote:
>>Looking for a small all band (WARC too) transceiver for use in a nursing
>>home environment.  CW primarily due to voice problems.  What Ten-Tec would
>>be recommended?  Not a lot of money to spend.
>>Thanks in advance and 73, gary
>Hi Gary.  If I had to make your decision (which I don't but will try), I
>look for an older Omni.  Not having lots of money to spend always limits any
>thing you would want to buy.  The omni is a very hard rig to beat on rx, tx 
>and options.  I have seen the analog omni's at swapmeets for around $250  or
>so.  They have the warc bands and many filter options and great rx in them.

Hey Gary:  An excellent review of various Ten Tec rigs.  The Omni series
are indeed a great choice.  They were made in three series tho, and only
the series C offers all the WARC band options as I recall.  The series A
and B do NOT offer the 17 meter band option, but do have option for the 12
and 24 MHZ bands.  

There is a lot of confusion identifying which series of Omni you are
looking at & many owners do not have a clue as to which they own.  A quick
way to tell them apart:

Series A= came in Analog readout & marked on front "OMNI A" or
          came in Digital readout & marked on front "OMNI D"
Series A is the only one with a Squelch control on front

Serie B came in Analog readout, Marked "OMNI A" on front, or
        came in Digital readout, marked "OMNI D" on front, will
        not have the Squelch control

Series C came in Digital readout only and is marked "OMNI" on front,
                                         without the "D" for digital.  

Several other changes in filter options, etc., but this should help in
identifying what you are looking at.  Preference order seems to be "A B C"
and prices reflect this preference.       
A final comment, the Omni is a large radio.  Possibly not well suited to a
limited space environment.  The Argosy does a fine job, with only 30 meters
offered of the WARC bands.

J. W. (Dub) Thornton 
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