[TenTec] Review Site Response

Landen Stoker kc5qdz@iamerica.net
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 17:31:03 +0000

I got many replies concerning the establishment of a site with reviews
and owners input. All were favorable and encouraging. I checked into
getting space on hypermart. Hypermart is a free web hosting service who
caters only to businesses. They are very fast, with none of those
annoying pop-up banners.
The address would be www.hypermart.net/???
Give me some feedback on what you would like it called. My thoughts on
the reviews are that I would like to see  several reviews coming from
different classes of users, Contesters, CW ops, SSB ops, and hopefully
some technically oriented, etc. This way when a person would like more
info, on the overall radio, instead of  details on a specific area,
which is the purpose of the reflector, they can go and read the review,
that applies to there main operating environment. I would also like to
address KG5U's concern about the reflector being the best, place for
updated info, and input. I would have to agree although, the site could
be completely updated any time more information was submitted, or other
news was available. In my opinion there is no reason to put up a site,
if it is not going to be continually updated so, the info is always the
latest and greatest.
So I would say lets do this right!!
Thanks & keep the ideas coming in
Landen KC5QDZ

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