[TenTec] More on the Saturn and Ten-Tec

Dale L. Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 17:47:48 -0600

I neglected to mention in my previous post something that caused
me to wonder.....

When I was talking with friends (and even complete strangers I
happened to see approaching their Saturns) who own Saturns, I
could not help but relate their enthusiasm and, for lack of a
better term, esprit de corps for/about their Saturns to that same
feeling I get when I see messages here or have conversations with
Ten-Tec users.

Now....considering that both the Saturn and Ten-Tec equipment is
manufactured in Tennessee, I wonder if TN has something to do
with Saturn and Ten-Tec customers carrying on like they do about
their stuff.  Is it something in the water and/or whiskey?  Is it
something their MacDonald's is serving only in TN and nowhere
else?  What?

Having been a long time Ten-Tec (Omni VI+ now, Triton IV/544 many
years ago, and 2ea 2m Handhelds) and now having become a new
Saturn owner, I think I am beginning to understand.

Way to go, both of you. Keep up the good work.

Dale Martin, KG5U

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