Loren E. Page w7bwi@juno.com
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 08:43:25 -0700

I've had my Ten-Tec Centaur for a year and would like to pass this along:

If you plan on using it for cw and the digital modes and don't mind the
fan noise, you will be very satisfied with it.

Don't plan to use it on SSB. I tried using it with my Ten-Tec Model 705
microphone through the Delta II driving the Centaur and about all the
other person could hear was the fan. I tried using a mobile-type hand
mike, talking close, with some better results.

My operating is mostly on the TOR modes, with now and then cw. It does
very well for me there.

SCOUT -- Love it on 10-meter SSB. I get excellent audio reports. On cw
the reports are frequency shifting, enough to be annoying.

73, Loren

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