Duane Calvin dcalvin@austin.ibm.com
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 10:41:01 -0600

Hmm, interesting comment, Loren.  I ran my Centaur for 16+ hours over
the weekend on the ARRL DX Contest, driving it with the Omni-VI+ with
some amount of speech processing.  I had one instance where, when trying
to call V26B on 10m SSB, he kept saying (to me?) that the station
calling had badly distorted audio and he couldn't copy.  I checked with
a local who told me the audio sounded fine.  I was running the Centaur
at the time because I wondered if RF was getting into the mic input
somehow.  But, it checked out clean and the other op stated that the
audio sounded natural, etc.  I'm using the Heil boomset, so I suspect it
has a noise cancelling mic in it - it has the "normal" element, I forget
the number.  By the way, anyone who heard NH7A now has a good idea of
why NOT to run too much speech processor with a loud fan in the shack! 
Man that guy was wide!

I will also vouch for the Centaur - instant-on 811A's, resettable
tuning, quick tune-up, drives well - this is a very nice amp to use. 
When you combine that with the smooth QSK, you can't find anything
similar from what I've seen!  Now if I only had time to try the noise
fix I have in mind to see if it really does the job . . .

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