[TenTec] Amateur Radio in a Saturn

David Wright dwright@microagesf.com
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 09:00:13 -0800

Ford's may be designed to accommodate 100w RF, but my 93'  Taurus has
problems with the two meter rig (Kenwood TS-742, 50W on 145Mhz).  Seems
the 50w gets into the computer, causing two problems, one minor, one
very major.  The minor problem is it makes it idle rough.  The big
problem is it causes the anti-lock braking system to glitch, typically
locking up the right rear wheel in a panic stop.  

When not using the rig, the anti-lock functions normally rain or shine.
I have talked to several mechanics about this, including two dealers.
They tell me it -is a known problem-, and the fix is the $700 police car
computer which is specifically shielded for high RF environments.  Not
wanting to spend that much, I just have to remember to release PTT
button when panic braking. 

This is not the easiest thing to do while panic braking!  (the freeways
around here are wild, my commute traverses the Bay Bridge interchange
which takes 300,000 cars daily.) You go through brake pads fast. Hi !
The locals on the repeater have heard some choice comments from me when
I forgot to un-key.... 

Good for a few chuckles I hope...73

de Dave KB6JOX
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>On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Dale L. Martin wrote:
>> > I just bought a Saturn SC2 (124hp engine, 2-door coupe).  I am
>> > now scoping out how to put amateur radio equipment in the
>> > car...Is anyone running Ten-Tec gear in a Saturn, SC2 or
>> > otherwise?
>   I wish you luck on your Saturn, but I now use FORD products exclusively,
>ever since I found 
>out that ALL FORD MODELS are designed to accommodate rigs running 100 watts
>RF output. I've got 
>70,000 miles on my Ranger now and never a bit of trouble, RF-wise, or
>otherwise, as well.
>   If the Saturn doesn't work out...
>         73, Emory
>DISCLAIMER: No, I don't now nor ever have worked in the auto industry, sales,
>support, insurance, or whatever. Don't own any Ford stock either. Hmmmm...
>might have to look 
>into that, though. Might not be a bad idea!
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