[TenTec] Cheap TenTecs for Sale

Rick Blank rblank@texas.net
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:51:01 +0000

I have a couple of TenTecs that are surplus to my needs and thought 
that I'd offer them to the group before lugging them to hamfests.  
Besides, my OMNI-V is dong just fine as it is!

The first is an OMNI-D, series C, (yes, it has all the WARC 
bands) with matching power supply and remote VFO.  The unit cleaned 
up pretty well except for the front panel which has some of the 
finish damaged or gone around all the knobs except for the tuning, rf 
atten and mode knobs.  The knobs are in nice shape, the escutcheon is 
nice, the digital display works well and has no scratches, the trim 
ring is nice with a little rubbing on the bottom, but no 
scratches or gouges, and the case is clean and free of gouges.  It 
has full output, 3 filters and seems to hear real nicely, no real 
operational faults were observed.  The power supply cleaned up nicely 
and so did the VFO, except for the fact that the VFO needs to be 
restrung.  I don't want to sell this separately and I am asking 
$325.00 OBO plus shipping, no manuals or other paperwork.

The next is a Triton II with matching power supply-speaker-VOX unit.  
It has full output, VOX unit works fine.  No scratches in front 
panel, knobs are not ragged, but, missing the mode knob.  Hears OK, 
but as far as how well, I haven't really compared it to anything 
else, there's just too much in the shack to do anything at present!  
Power supply is in decent shape with some slight nicks in the 
black plastic parts of the end caps.  Dial needs restringing. $200.00 
OBO plus shipping.


Rick Blank, KI5SL                      
2331 Vance Jackson                     AMSAT NA #26195
San Antonio, Texas 78213               rblank@texas.net
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