[TenTec] trade IC735+ for Delta II ?

S55648 S55648@aol.com
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 06:37:55 EST

Can y'all help me with this:    
I have a seeming like new IC 735 with FoxTango's, FL32A, Keyer. I have the
PS55 PS 
I recently got this rig and it is a great performer. 
However, I have decided I would prefer a TenTec Delta II, if it is not using
the same type freguency syntheses. I have a sensitivity to the fatiguing
subaudible noise all of the Japanees rigs put out. My TT Corsair II just does
not cause this.
THus, I am looking for a rig, small like the Delta II, which can compete with
the 735 as far as performance, that may not have such an effect on me. THe 735
is really better then most in this regard. Is the Delta II going to help me
here? I know its general coverage, and can not be likew the Corsair II,m but
is it close? 
Therefore I am offering the 735 w/ps55 for trade twards a Delta II.
This 735 is absolutly in impecable condition. The  FoxTangos are worth about
250.00 alone. The FL32A  CW filter is worth about 100.00. 
This is in its original box, with original packaging. I have the manual and
service manual.      
let me know if Im looking if its possible to have a gen coverage in this vein.

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