[TenTec] Titan problems

w6sl@juno.com w6sl@juno.com
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 22:37:58 -0800

Just spent many hours of trouble shooting my Titan finally coming up with
culprit. Symptoms: On turn on there was a loud  arcing "pop" which seemed
to come from the Power Supply and the 1 1/2 amp slowblow fuse on the 28 v
board would blow. The two 220volt fuses would not blow. 
Problem Found: The large 10 ohm 25 watt ceramic resistor sitting behind
the tuning capacitor was moved during the replacement of a capacitor
stator plate. The resistor then sat a mm from the bearing screw on the
back of the capacitor. Either the resistor opened with heat  or perhaps
the opening was due to HV arcing. Whatever. But with HV on the resistor
and being close to the ground side of the tuning capacitor it arced over.
Repeated arcings burned a tiny hole into the resistor. I only saw the
hole by using a strong flashlight.  In the trouble shooting process
trying the PS first I found one dead and another dying 400 uf 450v 
filter electrolytics. Replacing two of those (plus the associated
resistors) didn't solve the problem so had to move on. But it's not the
first time since I bought the TItan that those electrolytics have died. 
They're $25  each when ordered  from TenTec.
73 W6SL, John  
 W6SL@Juno.com. For files use jbaer@SLONET.org

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