[TenTec] pair of INRAD 2.8 filters in OMNI VI

Clark Savage Turner turner@rome.ics.uci.edu
Sat, 03 Apr 1999 19:13:19 -0800

Well, I got the other 2.8 KHz wide IF filter for the
6.3 MHz IF of my OMNI VI.  Now I have a pair, one in
the main line for each IF.  It sounds better than the pair
of 2.4's, and theoretically has better rejection a little
outside the normal passband.  Wow, the PBT now works 
just about right for me, centered and all.  Wider for
SSB, narrower for CW, that's what I wanted....that's 
why I have a couple of the INRAD filters in there now.

I have not looked inside the schematic yet, but has 
anyone changed the audio rolloff characteristics to get 
more sound from the OMNI?  I would like to get a little
more lows, I think the highs are fine.  I suspect the 
audio chain would let a little more through from these 
filters if I gave it a chance, hi.  My Kenwood TS 850
with the cheap-o ceramic filter at 2.7 KHz width sounds 
a LOT smoother than the OMNI, and I would like to get 
a little closer.

Also, has anyone really worked over the 12 pole 2.4 KHz
filter yet?  Does it perform well respecting the CW 


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