[TenTec] FOR SALE: OMNI-D Series B and 252 MO P.S.

Michael, Dana A damichael@amp.com
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 07:49:53 -0400


OMNI-D Series B transceiver and matching 252MO metered Power Supply.

                      Omni has a little paint flaking at the RIT switch
                      opening, but otherwise the front panel is in  good
                      The trim bezel has a few scratches on the top. The
                      supply looks very good.


Please call   1-717-810-2891 from 0630 till 1500 EST or
                   1-717-896-3973 from 1700 till 2200 EST

Thanks D. A. "Mike" Michael W3TS
            129 Church Lane
             Halifax, Pa. 17032-8372

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