[TenTec] Model 607 Keyer Paddle

H. M. 'Puck' Motley, Jr. W4PM hmmjr@erols.com
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:06:22 -0400

Well, the "price is right" auction is over.   I must say I was not
overwhelmed with bids.  The 607 apparently is not a real popular item.
Only 3 well informed folks knew that this item will be a collectable in
about 50 years and they will triple or quadruple their investment!

Anyhow here's the results:

Bidder Code      Bid Amt
  AA              12.00
  AB               0.02  (a real big spender)
  AC              24.23

My price was $30.00 so AC was the closest and will get this marvelous
Ten Tec item for his bid of $24.23 shipped to his mail box.

Eat your hearts out all ye non-bidders!


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