[TenTec] Pegasus - fixed the RF problem

Richard W. Hemingway rheming@attglobal.net
Sun, 02 Apr 2000 16:17:32 -0500

Setting up the Peg in this small one bedroom retirement apartment has been
interesting to say the least.  Using a 20 meter Isotron, painted to look
like a Swedish flag holder, with flag, has looked anything like an antenna
and has been not working all that great as one up to now.  I had a lot of
RF that was getting into the TV, etc,  and perhaps neighbors apartments.
This is a total stealth situation, unfortunately.  (How i wish I had my
tower and Sommer 7 band antenna back - sob!).

I have used a couple of ferrite coils on the coax near the antenna - and
now have finished the Ten Tec RF counterpoise kit (no way to have an RF
ground here).  Just tried it out and everything works great.  1:1 across
the 20 meter band (with a tuner) but, more importantly, no interference in
the TV up to 30 watts out.  Since I probably can only operate around 10
watts or so, this should work fine.  When I first tried to operate with the
Peg - at 3 watts that picture on the TV about jumped off the screen.

Well now I will have to see what it can do.

Thanks for all the helpful comments and suggestions.

Dick, N5XRD

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