[TenTec] Thanks for the Monitor noise advice - PSK31

Richard W. Hemingway rheming@attglobal.net
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 21:23:02 -0500

Wow,  what a group!!  More advice than I can absorb very quickly. Thanks to
everyone. Since I am operating a stealth station, even in the small
apartment interior - "she who must be obeyed" says we are too close for
voice ( and I must admit that she has a point) - I had planned on using CW,
at which I am pretty punk.  However there are peaks only at 14.015, -.062,
-.086 most of the band is highly usable in the CW portion.  

However, today, for the first time I have PSK31 up on receive with Digipan.
 Boy it comes in like house afire. Also, it is in a region without the
peaks and I can   pull the earphone plug.  This looks like the answer to a
stealth operator's prayer as it apparantly works well at low power.  I will
be working on the Tx  next.  I think that the Pegasus really excells
working with mode.  I used to work a lot of RTTy and Pactor and will need
to download some soundcard software for it.

The Pegasus stays!!!  I will fiddle with the monitor problem as I get time. 

Dick Hemingway, N5XRD
Plano, TX

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