[TenTec] Thanks for the Monitor noise advice - PSK31

David McClafferty at060@chebucto.ns.ca
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 10:49:16 -0300 (ADT)

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Richard W. Hemingway wrote:

> Wow,  what a group!!  More advice than I can absorb very quickly. Thanks to
> everyone. Since I am operating a stealth station, even in the small
> apartment interior - "she who must be obeyed" says we are too close for
> voice ( and I must admit that she has a point) - I had planned on using CW,
> at which I am pretty punk.  However there are peaks only at 14.015, -.062,
> -.086 most of the band is highly usable in the CW portion.  
> However, today, for the first time I have PSK31 up on receive with Digipan.
>  Boy it comes in like house afire. Also, it is in a region without the
> peaks and I can   pull the earphone plug.  This looks like the answer to a
> stealth operator's prayer as it apparantly works well at low power.  I will
> be working on the Tx  next.  I think that the Pegasus really excells
> working with mode.  I used to work a lot of RTTy and Pactor and will need
> to download some soundcard software for it.
> The Pegasus stays!!!  I will fiddle with the monitor problem as I get time. 
> Dick Hemingway, N5XRD
> Plano, TX

The Pegasus does work well for PSK31 but you can't use VOX to switch to
transmit. The Pegasus VOX is done in the DSP chip so the output of the
soundcard has both TX and RX audio. The antivox will not work and the TX
get tripped on RX audio peaks. I am using manual PTT but plan to hook up
transistor to switch the PTT via a comm port.
73, Dave, VE1ADH

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