[TenTec] OMNI-5 Problem

Barry N1EU n1eu@hotmail.com
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:57:57 EDT

Could be rf getting in Lee.  Suggest you remove all cables connected to the 
Omni V that aren't essential and then try 160M xmsn with a dummy load and 
also into the dipole with reduced power out and see if it still hangs in 

Your shack just might be very live with rf on 160m, especially if transmit 
antenna is nearby.

If reducing power or the dummy load cures the hanging, you can try adding 
some ferrite to the Omni V cables, but it might be hard to exorcise the rf 
demons if you're on the second floor and the dipole is nearby.

Barry  N1EU

>Hi...I have an Omni-5.  On 160 meters it goes into oscillation...just takes
>off on its own...in transmit, SSB and CW.  Using the 705 mike.  Tried
>changing, no luck.  Using the 961 PS.  Using a dipole for 160.  Tried a
>tuner.  Tried the TT counterpoise ground (I'm on the second story, away 
>good ground).  No luck.  Any ideas?  Thanx, Lee K7INU.
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