[TenTec] Mobile Scout

John, ke5c ke5c@vvm.com
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 12:03:02 -0500

> >Anyway, so I now own 5-year-old Scout with very serious mechanical
> >frequency-stability problem!!!! Just bumping the rig and it changes
> >frequency and it's really bad when twisting the radio frame!

> I have a very fine Scout. If I twist the frame the frq changes. If bump
into the
> rig the frq will change. How does your Scout behave if you just set it to
a frq
> and leave it alone? If you change the frq does it remain on the frq you
> Bill

This begs the question, how does the Scout perform mobile - with all the
vibration?  I have been looking for a mobile rig, and it was on my list, but

73, de ke5c, op john

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