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Richard B Drake rbdrake@erols.com
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 12:48:30 -0400

I believe the resister pad shown on the WM2U site uses 100K in
series with 10K and the rig across the 10K of course (that site
seems to be down right now so I can't check it). I suspect that
2.1 ohm resistor is sucking most of your power away. I use a 100K
pot, set sound card level at mid range, the Omni RF drive to max,
audio drive at 11 O'clock and adjust the drive level with the
outboard pot. What could be simpler?. By the way, you should see
no ALC light at all, at any time. I set mine to 50 watts output in
the tune (single tone) mode, which produces approximately 25 watts
average at idle, ALC never lights, IMD reports are generally -27
to -30db as they should be.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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> I recently connected the 'ole shack computer to my Omni
> D using the patch in
> and out jacks on the Omni to connect to the line in and
> out on the PC's
> sound card. I made an attenuator for the sound card
> audio output to the
> patch in jack on the Omni by using a resistor network
> to form a 75:1
> divider. It seems to work, but I really have to crank
> the drive up on the
> Omni to get the ALC to peak when sending a character.
> (This is with the
> soundcard volume all the way up, as recommended by the
> software designer-
> the ALC at normal SSB drive settings should just light
> when sending
> characters). I have the ALC adjusted to start working
> at about 35-40 watts
> output. Obviously, I've attenuated the signal too much,
> but I'm trying to
> figure out the best setup before I make a change.
> Has anyone found an "optimum" attenuator value to work
> with the Omni?  My
> resistor network total value is 152.1 ohms (seen by the
> sound card), formed
> with 150 ohm resistor in series with a 2.1 ohm
> resistor. The input to the
> Omni is paralleled with the 2.1 ohm resistor. The sound
> card I'm using has a
> very low  output (line level) , meant to be used with
> amplified speakers.
> Also, I noticed that the heatsink on the Omni gets very
> warm after
> transmitting for a few minutes. I realize that this
> mode has a hight duty
> cycle, but at 35 watts output to a well tuned antenna,
> I didn't think it
> should get very warm. Any thoughts on this?
> Thanks, and I hope to see you on this fun new mode.
> Jason   KA7UAM

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