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The Omni VI+ doesn't have a PTO, I don't think.  The Corsair II does.
Usually the problem with the PTO is that the lubricating grease gets old and
gummy.  This is manifest by a wobbly tuning action instead of smooth
tuning -- you will hear it as you tune across a CW signal.

Ten-Tec sells replacement parts for the PTO in a kit for about $20-25.  They
supply instructions for doing the rebuild as well as instructions for most
easily removing and re-installing the PTO in most rigs.  For one of the
rigs, perhaps the Corsair II, the removal is so straightforward that they
don't have a sheet for it.

I suggest that you mark the feed thru insulators to indicate to yourself
which wires connect to which feed thru.  I used a pencil for that.

In the 6 or 7 PTO's I've reworked, only one needed any new parts.  All the
rest just needed a good cleaning out of the old grease and relubrication
with good quality new grease.  Once you have reworked a PTO it seems easier
and you can easily see why trying to fix the lubrication problem without
dismantling the unit is impossible.

Luck and 73 de Mike N4NT@chartertn.net

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| As a relatively new Ten Tec owner I would like to know what is the issue
| with the PTO rebuild? I imagine this to be necessary due to mechanical
| in the main tuning mechanism, but I would be pleased to know exactly and
| what to expect.  I have a Corsair II and an OMNI VI+ Great radios!
| 73 Deni,  GM3skn Shetland Islands UK
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