Deni Gm3skn aldebaran@redhotant.com
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 11:51:58 +0100

Many thanks to all who replied with experience of correcting this problem,
all is well at the moment but should a rebuild become necessary I will do it
myself so thanks again for the insight into this issue.
73 Deni,  GM3skn Shetland Islands UK
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Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2000 1:52 AM
Subject: [TenTec] PTO REBUILD

> As a relatively new Ten Tec owner I would like to know what is the issue
> with the PTO rebuild? I imagine this to be necessary due to mechanical
> in the main tuning mechanism, but I would be pleased to know exactly and
> what to expect.  I have a Corsair II and an OMNI VI+ Great radios!
> 73 Deni,  GM3skn Shetland Islands UK
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