Robert Weingaertner weingaertner@nac.net
Sat, 03 Jun 2000 22:43:05 -0400

Deni, the main problem with the PTO's was not mechanical wear (though
this can happen in a heavily used unit), but the sticky grease that
was originally used. The grease would harden and cause frequency jumps.

Some people just disassemble the bearings, clean and regrease. Others 
go for the full rebiuld kit, as long as they have to teardown the 
mechanism anyway.

			73, Bob WB2VUF			

Deni Gm3skn wrote:
> As a relatively new Ten Tec owner I would like to know what is the issue
> with the PTO rebuild? I imagine this to be necessary due to mechanical wear
> in the main tuning mechanism, but I would be pleased to know exactly and
> what to expect.  I have a Corsair II and an OMNI VI+ Great radios!
> 73 Deni,  GM3skn Shetland Islands UK
> _ _ ..   .. _   _

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