[TenTec] sf:last items

Scott Howell n3byy@speakeasy.org
Sat, 10 Jun 2000 23:01:16 -0400 (EDT)

Well here's the last of what I have.

THe Triton is claimed for the minute.

Astron SS-30A 25A continous 30A peak. $90 shipped/insured.

MFJ Deluxe high current dc power strip modle 1118. Has 2 15A connections
and 6 12A connections
Has been modified for the Astron, but you can make any connection you'd
like. $30 shipped or $20 with the Astron

MFJ 1700B antenna switch. allows 6 radios and 6 antennas. Can be switched
to share any rig with any ant. ALso, has connecting points for tuners
which can service all gear.
$65 shipped/insured.

APC NetUps 420. Perfect for your packet station or any radio gear. Has
serial interface and Linux/Unix Win9x/NT supported.
$185 shipped. This unit ins only a month old. Had to upgrade to something
much larger. Original packaging like from the factory.

a set of Czek paddles. If you've been to dayton, you'll know these. $65

Flameproof Navy Key $45 shipped. Currrently mounted on Marble base will
remove upon request. $40 without base

German Junker hand key (yes its pronounced Yunker) $40 shipped. Has a
broken wire in the case, but haven't the skills to fix something that
Otherwise is in excellent condx.

Signal Corps GT5  telegraph set. excellent condx $40 shipped.

Easy cd Creator 4.0 (upgrade via web to 4.0x) $35 shipped. All items
included as well as labels for cds device for putting labels on etc.

Great for making any kind of cd. Yes, even cw practice cds. You can
actually connect a source to your sound card and record to your pc for
burning at a later time.

All items have manuals and are in excellent condx. Please make offers.

I also have an asorted box of coax cable. I can't recall all that is in
there, but there is some rg8X I believe and lots of good stuff.

WIll let all the cable go for $35. I think there's definately that much in
there if not more.
Will toss in some other goodies like reducers and whatever else I can find
in the box. Yes, a grab bag, but a good one I think.

I also have some Ham sticks for 80, 40, 17, 15, 10, 6/2 and will let them
all go for $25 shipped.

I also have a couple of fm antennas from RS that folks were/are using to
make 2M beams. WIll let them both go for $25 shipped.

If your looking for something, just ask, I might just have it. Sorry no
parts like caps etc. Just trying to clean up the shack. Geting prepared to
move soon.


72/73 de Scott/n3byy

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