[TenTec] Re:PTO rebuild grease

Paul Henning paul@amtelco.com
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:56:24 -0500

Phil Wood grease is indeed great stuff. In addition to being a great
lubricant it is also water proof making it great for fishing gear or other
exposed applications. The non-hardening nature of the formulation would make
it ideal for PTOs. It is also inexpensive! Most bike shops can get it or it
is available nationally from:
bikemail@nashbar.com <mailto:bikemail@nashbar.com>  
You can also reach Bike Nashbar by mail or phone. 
Bike Nashbar 
4111 Simon Rd 
Youngstown, Ohio 44512 
1-800-NASHBAR (1-800-627-4227) 
This is a well known mail order discount bike store. The main disadvantage
is it is green and tends to stain.

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