[TenTec] Estate sale status; Telephone interference help needed

agulseth@juno.com agulseth@juno.com
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 08:45:45 EDT

First, thanks to all who responded concerning the possible estate sale.
It is now apparently up to the widow as to how and when she wants to do
things.  I will keep those who responded informed about any progress.

The following is really a bit off the subject, but I'm posting it here as
this reflector is the best collective resource of technical knowledge I
know of for this type problem. I have been experiencing an intermittent
problem on my phone line for some time with a loud repetitive pulsing for
short periods that sounds like rotary dial crosstalk, except that it
doesn't seem to follow a pattern which would fit with actual dialing. To
the best of my knowledge I have eliminated anything in my house as the
cause with the exception of killing the breaker on a few appliances
(water heater, range, etc., which are all basic non-high-tech models). I
made sure all ham gear and computer equipment has been shut down and
disconnected when the problem occurred. I even plugged a phone directly
into the outside protector box to bypass all the house wiring as
suggested by GTE and thus verified that the problem is outside. GTE has
worked on the problem multiple times, including switching me to another
pair, etc., all to no avail. The GTE tech says he has seen this type of
problem caused by defective cordless phones, etc. and thinks it is some
type of outside interference.

Has anyone out there seen anything like this, and if so, what might cause
it? Am I overlooking something, or has GTE missed the problem? Any



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