[TenTec] oMNI vi+, lOGGER AND pk-232

Duane Calvin, AC5AA ac5aa@juno.com
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:23:07 -0400 (EDT)

  There are several ways you can do this.  First, you must decide whether you want to use FSK or AFSK. (The choice would be FSK if
you're only going to do RTTY and CW, and maybe a little PACTOR or AMTOR).  AFSK requires wiring to the audio input in the rear of the
rig, or into the microphone connector.  FSK means you use the FSK input to shift the carrier by a fixed 170 Hz as set up by the rig. 
Once you have made that decision, you would wire the PK232 according to the directions that came with it to the radio.  You will need
to wire the PTT line, the audio out from the VI+, and either the audio in, or the FSK (depending on the decision above).  This should
get you both CW and RTTY capability as far as the rig and the TNC goes (I assume the PK232 supports CW - my KAM-Plus does).  If so,
the PK232 will key the rig with the PTT line.  Now all that is left is interfacing to Logger, and I can't tell you anything about
that as I don't own it.  Hope this helps.  I haven't gotten my!
 copy yet, but I understand the new ARRL book on HF Digital is good - might help.

  73,  Duane   AC5AA

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Subject: [TenTec] oMNI vi+, lOGGER AND pk-232

can someone explain to me how to connect my Omni VI-, PK-232 and use the
Logger program to generate cw and stil be able to use the features of

Vince Santis, WB1DQN
Winsted, CT

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