[TenTec] Telephone interference problem -- follow-up

agulseth@juno.com agulseth@juno.com
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 15:58:10 EDT

Thanks to the reflector for letting me take up bandwidth for a
non-Ten-Tec problem, and thanks for all the responses -- as I suspected,
there is a wealth of technical knowledge available through this reflector
concerning electronics in general, not just Ten-Tec. As a point of
clarification, I do not own a cordless phone (nor do I want to own one)!
I have even gone so far as to dig out a 35 year old (mfg. date 3-65) 500
series rotary dial phone and the problem is there even with it as the
only phone on the line and all the ham gear and computers in the house
shut down. I'm just trying to determine if something outside the phone
company system itself could be causing the problem. The only RF source I
know of close by is a cell site which is about 1/2 mile from my QTH, but
I wouldn't think it could cause this kind of problem (or at least I
assume if something were happening it would cause a similar problem for
others in the area). I'm just trying to eliminate any other possible
(outside) causes before I pound on GTE some more.

73, Al  WB5JNC

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