[TenTec] TT Hamfest

Walter Dufrain Walter Dufrain" <walter@inlink.com
Sun, 8 Oct 2000 16:25:47 -0500

Wow, this is a must do next year. Thanks Ten Tec folks for a
really fun event and being a great host. Also thanks for the
"Coffee Cup" I won in the first drawing.

My little report to the reflector group is it was certainly worth the
10 hour drive to get to Sevierville. The Friday night gathering was
the best time to get to the rigs and spin the knobs. Saturday was
checking out the TT fleas, my oh my, it must have been a Paragon
convention. It is interesting that I did not see even one Triton IV,
analog or digital in the whole place. The TT store was busy both
days filling orders. Lots of matching faces with calls and meeting
more TT crazies. All in all : Wonderful. I only hope to make it
next year.

PS: That Jupiter is a neat radio, probably one of those will get
put in the shack.

73  Walter Dufrain, AG5P..............Wright City, Missouri

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