[TenTec] Fence Charger Pulses

Michael O. Hyder N4NT@chartertn.net
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 22:13:55 -0500

I've only run into one problem with an electric fence.  Was on a neighbor's
land.  Problem was the weeds had grown up into the fence in a few places.
When the charger sensed that, it went into a "weed burning" mode which
generated the QRN I was experiencing.  A bushhog made quick work of the QRN.

Regards, Mike N4NT@chartertn.net

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Subject: [TenTec] Fence Charger Pulses

| Ok folks I need ideas. We have a fence charger.  It's a device that is
| connected to wire that goes around livestock pens etc on our property.
| It runs about 20kv I think and clicks on and off to shock animals that
| think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  Thing is it
| causes an annoying CLICK ...... CLICK  ......  CLICK in my receivers.
| Noiseblankers in the receiver get rid of it however my main concern is
| through experimentation I have determined that it is wreaking havoc on
| my internet connection.  I did some crude field strength tests with a
| digital receiver and determined it radiates well throughout the entire
| wire not just the charger box itself.  The box itself has a large
| porcelain output terminal and then another larger terminal on the
| underside that is hooked to a heavy ground cable.  I am wondering if by
| putting a 100mmf vacuum cap across the output to ground that I might
| bypass the rf to ground.  Or perhaps even better if I make capacitive
| input choke and put a high value choke in series with the fence after
| the cap.
| Any ideas? :))))
| Thanks
| Dan

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