[TenTec] Fence Charger Pulses

Stuart Rohre rohre@arlut.utexas.edu
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 13:37:45 -0600

Putting choke components in line with the high voltage to the fence will
affect the value of the high voltage and lessen the effect of the fence.
How many cows do you need to train?  Those intermittent shock Radio Collars
might be less prone to RFI.  Those are sold for use with dogs, but should
work on a cow or two, if you do not have a herd.

You may need to put the fence charger on a timer that turns off during the
periods you are either on the air our using internet.  It is really hard to
bypass all the RF from the many bad connections that develop in the typical
fence wiring.

Another thing is to make sure your fence is not  an odd number of quarter
waves at the bands of interest.  If so, you have a ready made noise antenna.
However, thinking about that, If the wire was fed by one end, and it was an
even multiple of half waves, you would have a high RF impedance at the wire
end on the bands.  That might help choke off  RF.  The cap bypass might help
a little, but would have to be rated for high voltage.  It also would "tune"
the spark to be more dominant at one frequency range, depending on the
inductance of the HIV transformer, and other components of the fence.

The timer is more practical, if an AC powered charger.  (Some older chargers
were battery powered independent of AC mains.)

GL, Stuart K5KVH

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