[TenTec] Scout drift fix?

Stuart Rohre rohre@arlut.utexas.edu
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:51:11 -0500

Having used both a TS 50 and a Scout on SSB at Field Day, I must say the
Scout is head and shoulders above the TS 50 in strong signal handling.

 I also, honestly did not like the hidden controls, soft keys and bad signal
handling of the TS 50.  Other owners have commented on its inability of
handling strong signal conditions, thus I do not think I had an unusual TS
50 that was such a chore to use for FD.  Almost no control that we needed
quickly was available without a manual and digging in it to find where they
hid that menu!

A very good resource for comparing rigs is the table of rigs on the Elecraft
site. I think radios such as the Omni VI and Scout are way up on many
imports in sensitivity and signal handling.  The continuously variable Jones
Filter is an outstanding unique feature of the Scout.

I prefer straightforward radios for contests where I may not have time to
learn some multi level menu'd rig.
Stuart K5KVH

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