[TenTec] eHam reviews....& obsessions

Bill Steffey NY9H ny9h@arrl.net
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 09:07:25 -0500

Someone earlier in this thread got close to it....
Old friend Sigmund  maybe . I feel we all DO identify with our rigs, and 
OUR CHOICE OF RIGS. I think we would admit we can't get it up, before we 
would admit we bought THE WRONG RADIO. A mistake...in this critical and 
MOST important process!  That might explain if someone spent a few months 
obsessing and dreaming how a Jupiter would make his life complete.
Then he buys it, But it doesn't fix his complexion or his marital status. 
It's only a radio. He has to admit he made a MISTAKE.  His "radio" life is 
confused as he had sold his Yaesu ft101 on ebay .  Even the TT liberal 
return policy can't help him.