[TenTec] Would like Corsair II comments

Tim English Tim English" <te@usol.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 21:44:29 -0400

Hello, I am new to this list and am about to become the proud owner of a =
Corsair II and would like to hear some comments good or bad on anyone =
elses experience with this rig. I did alot of review reading and =
narrowed my choices to either an Omni D or Corsair II but the Corsair's =
positive input won me over. I became hooked on Ten Tec rig's recently =
with the purchase of an Argonaut 509. Comparing the receiver of the Argo =
to my IC-706 and IC-745 the Argo won hands down. I can copy CW signals =
Q5 on the Argo that I cant even hear on the 706 and 745. The ole 745 =
went bye bye on eBay last week and my Corsair should be here in a couple =
of days. Would like to hear from anyone who cares to reply. Thanks.
Tim, K8TJ=20

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