[TenTec] Power Power Power

Edward A. Feustel efeustel@erols.com
Sun, 20 Oct 2002 13:26:42 -0400

> OK, here is the symptom of the problem...
> When I load up on any frequency, SWR is really low (1.2:1 or less) and as I
> put the power to the rig, SWR stays pretty flat. When I get the knob about
> 95% open the rig and the 961 shut down. If I back off to about 90% power
> (about 90-95 watts) all seems OK.. This rig just came back from TT about a
> month or two ago and had a compete alignment etc..    Any ideas/suggestions?
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> Robert McAdams
> KA5PPX - General Class
> Ten Tec Omni VI+  &  Drake R8B
> HyGain SuperThunderbird Yagi @70'
> BC245XLT, DX-398  & highly mod-ed Pro-2006
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I had a similar problem with the Paragon II. It had a blown transistor
and diodes in the RF stage where the bandpass networks are 
electronically selected. My problem happened at about 15 watts out.
At this point the ALC light began to cycle on and off. As the power
was increased, the lights cycled faster and faster.

Ed, N5EI