[TenTec] Vertical Ant. Question / Suggestion

Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw@Blomand.Net
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Jim, my point exactly.  You stated "All antennas put out more power over a
lossless ground."  What makes for a lossless ground?  Ideally, a solid
copper sheet that's 1/4 wavelength radius at the lowest frequency.  Hence,
for vertical radiators, radials are required for improved radiation
efficiency thus lower radiation loss.


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> Both the the GAP and Force 12 are center feed vertical dipoles and
> there is no way to attach a ground plane. They both work better over
> water or a very low loss ground. All antennas put out more power over a
> lossless ground. The antenna radition pattern is changed by the ground.
> The GAP Titan has a good pattern with the base at 7 feet above the
> ground.
> Jim W7ANF
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> > While Jim has a very valid point, one must remember that while most
> > verticals are 1/4 verticals (with or without traps, tuning stubs, or
> > multi-band tuning methods), not all are.
> >
> > Theoretically, a half-wave vertical (be it a center fed vertical dipole
> > an end fed one) should not need (ie require) radials to work.  However,
> > remember many, many moons ago bouncing this question off of Don W0DN,
> > inventor of the Butternut HF#V verticals (and at the time owner of
> > Butternut) -- it was regarding Cushcraft's claims on the then-new R3
> > antenna -- and his response was to the effect that any end-fed vertical,
> > even ones at 1/2 or full wavelengths, would perform better with radials
> > counterpoise at the base.  While I don't recall all of his reasoning
> I
> > think I still have the letter somewhere buried in the shack), I do
> > that shortly after, I did some experimenting with a borrowed R3 and
> > this to be true.
> >
> > 73, ron wn3vaw
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