[TenTec] More on vertical antennas

W3UIO amishbuggy37@yahoo.com
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:38:02 -0700 (PDT)

First, a quote from a Mosley catalog:
"Isn't a half wave on 20 meters at least 33 feet? How
do some of these companies do the things they do? If
the vertical is 1/4 wave and the ground or
counterpoise is 1/4 wave, then I guess we also have
1/2 wave verticals!"

Go to the ARRL web site and search articles by Jerry
Sevick. He had a series of vertical antenna articles
which reported on his research. Very enlightening.

If a simple 1/4 wave vertical antenna is mounted with
the base above ground, say eight or ten feet, only two
radials of 1/4 wave length on each band are required.
My own experience bears this out. A Hustler 4BTV or a
Hy-Gain ground mounted with about two million radials
has the pants beat off it if the same antenna is
raised as described above.

Mobile home dwellers should mount the vertical with
the base at roof level and attach the grounding to the
roof as a counterpoise.

After hamming since 1952, here is my current thinking:
I don't use vertical antennas.

Larry, W3UIO

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