[TenTec] Even MORE on vertical antennas!

William Mansey; WA2PVK res0wsci@verizon.net
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 16:51:37 -0400

    I had a Hustler 6BTV antenna mounted in the side yard and was not =
satisfied with the performance.  I do NOT blame the antenna as it was =
not the problem.  The problem is that I do not have enough room to mount =
the antenna clear of nearby objects nor was there sufficient room for =
proper radials.  This antenna is well made and probably would work well =
if properly positioned.   =20
    My solution, to my limited space, was to try a Cushcraft MA5V,  I =
put this on the roof with a short (5') mast and a vent pipe mount.  I =
set the element lengths according to the instructions and only had to =
make two adjustments later. =20
    This antenna is only about half the length of the 6BTV because it is =
made for 20, 17,15,12, and 10 meters.  It has four 48" radials.  I was =
pleasantly surprised at the performance.  I have two wire antennas.  =
These are an multi-band inverted V and a sloper.  The received signal =
strengths when using the MA5V are comparable to when I switch to either =
wire antenna.  In some cases the signals are actually stronger with the =
MA5V - probably due to polarization.  I would recommend this antenna for =
anyone who, like me, has space limitations.  I was skeptical of the =
antenna's performance and actually expected mediocre performance due =
primarily to the small size of the antenna.  I am most pleasantly =
surprised with how this thing works!  It is quite good indeed.  It has =
far exceeded my expectations.
    See the reviews on Eham for more.  I had none of the problems =
mentioned.  (metal burrs and other issues.  These problems have =
obviously been corrected)=20
    I hope my comments do NOT cross the line that separates opinion from =
advertising!  I have nothing to gain from my testimonial. =20
    To take care of the Ten-Tec connection to this post - - - I am using =
this antenna with my Jupiter and will also be using it with my Orion.
    73;  Bill

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